Ok, It’s a Monday, and I’m (maybe) Ready to Begin


Like the title says, it’s Monday.  What better day of the week to start something new than a Monday, right?  So I guess it’s time to start writing!

I’m feeling nervous about this – besides the fact that I don’t actually consider myself a poet, committing to 50 days seems pretty big right now. I can’t help but wonder, will I have the discipline to stick to this?  If I make it until my son’s birth, will I have enough time (and desire) to keep it up?  What’s it like to write poetry when you haven’t slept in days?  What happens if I just can’t think of anything to write about?  What if my poems stink?

Truthfully, some of them probably will stink.

But luckily, my goal isn’t to write perfect children’s poems right now, but just to write children’s poems, period.  If some of them happen to be great enough to include in a collection, then fabulous.  If not, well then, no harm – I’ll just pack them up into a box and pretend they were never written.

OUCH! I just got a kick in the ribs.  I guess that’s Sam’s way of saying, “Don’t worry Mom, just start writing!”

What a wise son I have.

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