Day 11 – “Endless Cycles”


“Endless Cycles” by Jaymie Gerard


Springtime is a new day

That starts in early morn

Full of possibility

The time when life is born


Summer is the afternoon

Under the beaming sun

The time that we are working hard

When baby days are done


Autumn is the evening

Time to reap what has been sewn

Grateful for our harvest

Enjoying how we’ve grown


Winter is the darkness

Of night, it is the cold

A time for dreams and wisdom

For sleep and growing old


And from these endless cycles

The lessons that we find

Will shape us like the seasons

And change us like the time


2 responses »

  1. I really like how simple yet amazingly meaningful this poem is.
    Though, if I may, I’d like to suggest you make it “..babies’ days are done” – it sort of flowed better when I said it to myself after rereading that stanza.
    But really nice as usual other wise ^^

  2. Hello, I am teaching an outdoor nature class to students grades 2-4th on the seasons. With your permission I would like to read the students your poem! I will wait to hear from you. Lovely poem, full of meaning and simple enough of concepts for the younger students to grasp.

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