Day 13 – “Bedtime Begging”


“Bedtime Begging” by Jaymie Gerard

Dad, why must I go to sleep?

It simply isn’t fair

When you all get to stay down here

I have to be up there

I know the laughing going on

I hear it loud and clear

How could a kid get any sleep

When fun is oh, so near?

You say that it’s for my own good

That children need their rest

I’ll tell you Dad, I think you’re wrong

I’ll tell you, Dad, what’s best –

Dad, I think that, just this time,

Let me stay up ‘til dawn

I swear I’m fine, not even tired

I swear it Dad, I…*yawn*

Now, don’t let that yawn fool you

Oh come on Daddy, pleeeeease?

I *yawn*…promise I’ll be good

Just let me *yawn*… ZZZZZZ

3 responses »

  1. o my… I can’t stop reading them now … hahaha … they’re so very charming !

    definitely following this blog now ^_^ All the best with your challenge ! Looking forward to each little rhyme (:

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