Day 23 – “Simple Change”


“Simple Change” by Jaymie Gerard


One penny equals one cent

Two pennies equals two

Three pennies equal three cents

‘Cause that’s what pennies do


Pennies also equal other things

Like the simple coins you’ve seen

And once you learn their values

You’ll know just what they mean


Five pennies equals five cents

And five cents is one nickel

So one nickel equals five pennies

Which gives your brain a tickle


Ten pennies equals ten cents,

Or a dime – they mean the same

And two nickels, which is five plus five,

Is ten cents – What a game!


And then it all gets better

When twenty-five pennies are out

For then you have a quarter’s worth

“A quarter!” you will shout!


So pennies equal so much more

Than just pennies, you see

And now you know that pennies

Aren’t simple change to me!


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