Poem 57 – “b’s and d’s” (Billy the Bee song)


“b’s and d’s (Billy the Bee song)” by Jaymie Gerard


Billy the bee, buzzing by me

Bringing blueberry pie

Baked it for Bob (he’s a big bug)

And Betty the butterfly


Blueberry’s best, when put to the test

But blackberry’s close behind

Boiled and baked, in a pancake

How ‘bout them both combined?


B b b b b buh

B b b b beee

Circle’s on the right side

Line’s on the left, you see


Davie the dog, diggin’ by day

Droolin’ and diggin’ by night

Dug a big ditch, Daddy fell in

While dancing to Clementine


Ditches are dug, and in the backyard

Are daisies and dandy holes

So dance, Daddy, dance, but don’t take the chance

Of dancing with your eyes closed


D d d d d d d d

D d d d Deee

Circle’s on the left side

Line’s on the right, you see

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