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Poem 59 – “Yesterday I Lost a Tooth”


“Yesterday I Lost a Tooth” by Jaymie Gerard


Yesterday I lost a tooth

And saw a fairy – It’s the truth!

It happened when I went to bed

I felt a small hand lift my head

I thought at first it was a dream

But pinched myself and gave a SCREAM


Then “Shhh!” I heard, “Don’t wake your dad

Or mom, that would be very bad!

Now if you want to get your money

Then you better listen closely, honey –

Don’t tell a soul you saw me here.”


“Ok,” I promised, real sincere”


And out she pulled a stack so high

Of dollars that they reached the sky

“These are for you who gave your word

You never saw or smelled or heard

Of me… and just to make it clear –

If you tell they’ll disappear.


“Of course,” I said, “I understand”

As she placed the bills into my hand

Then off she flew and there I sat

And I was rich and that was that.

Don’t believe me?  Well, then here’s the box

I put it in, behind my socks –




No wait!  Where did it go?!

It was all right here minutes ago

It must have vanished.  But how?  I wonder,

Did I make some sort of blunder?


I kept my secret, thru and thru

The only one I told… was you.

Day 13 – “Bedtime Begging”


“Bedtime Begging” by Jaymie Gerard

Dad, why must I go to sleep?

It simply isn’t fair

When you all get to stay down here

I have to be up there

I know the laughing going on

I hear it loud and clear

How could a kid get any sleep

When fun is oh, so near?

You say that it’s for my own good

That children need their rest

I’ll tell you Dad, I think you’re wrong

I’ll tell you, Dad, what’s best –

Dad, I think that, just this time,

Let me stay up ‘til dawn

I swear I’m fine, not even tired

I swear it Dad, I…*yawn*

Now, don’t let that yawn fool you

Oh come on Daddy, pleeeeease?

I *yawn*…promise I’ll be good

Just let me *yawn*… ZZZZZZ