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Poem 57 – “b’s and d’s” (Billy the Bee song)


“b’s and d’s (Billy the Bee song)” by Jaymie Gerard


Billy the bee, buzzing by me

Bringing blueberry pie

Baked it for Bob (he’s a big bug)

And Betty the butterfly


Blueberry’s best, when put to the test

But blackberry’s close behind

Boiled and baked, in a pancake

How ‘bout them both combined?


B b b b b buh

B b b b beee

Circle’s on the right side

Line’s on the left, you see


Davie the dog, diggin’ by day

Droolin’ and diggin’ by night

Dug a big ditch, Daddy fell in

While dancing to Clementine


Ditches are dug, and in the backyard

Are daisies and dandy holes

So dance, Daddy, dance, but don’t take the chance

Of dancing with your eyes closed


D d d d d d d d

D d d d Deee

Circle’s on the left side

Line’s on the right, you see

Day 25 – “I Use My Words”


“I Use My Words” by Jaymie Gerard


Goodness, I am ANGRY

It makes me want to SHOUT


To let the ANGER out

Instead I USE MY WORDS to say



Goodness, I am sad today

It makes me want to cry

And pout and whine and whimper

And sniffle, sob and sigh

Instead I use my words

To tell everybody why


Goodness, I am happy!

It makes me want to run

And go wild and act all crazy

Until the day is done

Instead I use my words ‘cause that way

We can ALL have fun!


When my FEELINGS get too STRONG

I know it’s time to say,

“I’ll USE MY WORDS to show how I feel

In a SAFE and HEALTHY way”

Day 23 – “Simple Change”


“Simple Change” by Jaymie Gerard


One penny equals one cent

Two pennies equals two

Three pennies equal three cents

‘Cause that’s what pennies do


Pennies also equal other things

Like the simple coins you’ve seen

And once you learn their values

You’ll know just what they mean


Five pennies equals five cents

And five cents is one nickel

So one nickel equals five pennies

Which gives your brain a tickle


Ten pennies equals ten cents,

Or a dime – they mean the same

And two nickels, which is five plus five,

Is ten cents – What a game!


And then it all gets better

When twenty-five pennies are out

For then you have a quarter’s worth

“A quarter!” you will shout!


So pennies equal so much more

Than just pennies, you see

And now you know that pennies

Aren’t simple change to me!