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Poem 65 – My Invisible Sister


My Invisible Sister

by Jaymie Gerard


Mom and daddy said today,

“Your sister’s coming soon!”

They bought a bunch of pink things

And stuck them in a room

They point to mommy’s belly

They say the baby’s there

I looked and looked my hardest

But I can’t find her anywhere!

Poem 50 – “My Daddy Mows”


“My Daddy Mows” by Jaymie Gerard


When the grass grows

My daddy mows

He mows and mows

In perfect rows

He mows as summer

Comes and goes

And through the autumn

Highs and lows

My daddy mows

And mows and mows

And only stops

Because it snows

Day 32 – “New Brother”


“New Brother” by Jaymie Gerard


Last week I got a new brother

I would have preferred a new toy

I wish someone would have asked me

Before bringing home baby boy


He screams when he wakes in the morning

He cries when he gets put to bed

So far, all my brother has given me

Is a horrible pain in my head


He’s no fun when he’s on the sofa

He’s no fun when he’s in the crib

He’s no fun just after each meal time

When he throws up on his bib


His diapers are truly disgusting

Believe me, I watched him get changed

All that he does is just lie there

And look at us funny and strange


But Mom gives him hundreds of kisses

And Dad is as proud as can be

I wonder when I was a baby

Did they act this foolish with me?

Day 27 – “Big Sister vs. Little Sister”


“Big Sister vs. Little Sister” by Jaymie Gerard


My older sister is so mean

She never treats me well

And even when I’m super nice

She screams and says I smell

She puts black pepper in my food

When I am not looking

Just so she can tell my mom that

I don’t like her cooking

She thinks that she’s smarter than me

Just because she’s bigger

She’ll never know how hard it is

To be her little sister


My little sister always whines

And follows me around

She insists on being by my side

While she makes annoying sounds

She goes into my closet

And she ruins all my clothes

By trying them on and touching them

With her stinky toes

She thinks that she’s cuter than me

Just because she’s littler

She’ll never know how hard it is

To be her bigger sister