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Day 24 – “Growing Our Own Garden”


“Growing Our Own Garden” by Jaymie Gerard

Early every morning

When the sun has just come out

We walk into our garden

With our bucket and our spout

We give the plants a drink

Then we dig out all the weeds

We tend to all the flowers

We pinch off yellowed leaves

And then we pick the vegetables –

Tomatoes, eggplant, peas,

Cucumbers, zucchini,

Beets and mustard greens

Celery and carrots

Onions and swiss chard

Broccoli and peppers

All grow in our backyard

We bring them in and rinse them

Then we chop them up to eat

Growing our own garden

Is the most rewarding treat!

Day 11 – “Endless Cycles”


“Endless Cycles” by Jaymie Gerard


Springtime is a new day

That starts in early morn

Full of possibility

The time when life is born


Summer is the afternoon

Under the beaming sun

The time that we are working hard

When baby days are done


Autumn is the evening

Time to reap what has been sewn

Grateful for our harvest

Enjoying how we’ve grown


Winter is the darkness

Of night, it is the cold

A time for dreams and wisdom

For sleep and growing old


And from these endless cycles

The lessons that we find

Will shape us like the seasons

And change us like the time