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Day 33 – “How Do Words Get Their Names?


“How Do Words Get Their Names?” by Jaymie Gerard


How do words get their names?

Like cup and chair and slide

Did somebody just make them up?

Who gets to decide?


Are they voted on in Congress?

Are they picked out of a hat?

Is naming things somebody’s job?

I bet I could do that…


I’d start each morning with a sneep

And end it with a plip

But Saturdays I’d krin kran krun

And also fleegle fwip


I’d pass by neighbors on the streets

And say, “Good floffle, friend”

And when I pass them later on

I’d tell them, “Drik drak drend


If I was feeling hungry

A plate of schnicky would be nice

Of course, if I was thirsty

I’d get balla-goo, on ice


I’d always ask my wudclog

If I was thribblegob to play

And if she told me no

Then I’d be hob-bob for the day


When it’s my turn to take

My neepneep for his walk outside

I’d listen to him opp at other

Neepneeps that walk by…


You see, the words that I’d make up

Would have much better names

Plus, one thing you can count on is

They’d be more fun to say!




Day 25 – “I Use My Words”


“I Use My Words” by Jaymie Gerard


Goodness, I am ANGRY

It makes me want to SHOUT


To let the ANGER out

Instead I USE MY WORDS to say



Goodness, I am sad today

It makes me want to cry

And pout and whine and whimper

And sniffle, sob and sigh

Instead I use my words

To tell everybody why


Goodness, I am happy!

It makes me want to run

And go wild and act all crazy

Until the day is done

Instead I use my words ‘cause that way

We can ALL have fun!


When my FEELINGS get too STRONG

I know it’s time to say,

“I’ll USE MY WORDS to show how I feel

In a SAFE and HEALTHY way”

Day 23 – “Simple Change”


“Simple Change” by Jaymie Gerard


One penny equals one cent

Two pennies equals two

Three pennies equal three cents

‘Cause that’s what pennies do


Pennies also equal other things

Like the simple coins you’ve seen

And once you learn their values

You’ll know just what they mean


Five pennies equals five cents

And five cents is one nickel

So one nickel equals five pennies

Which gives your brain a tickle


Ten pennies equals ten cents,

Or a dime – they mean the same

And two nickels, which is five plus five,

Is ten cents – What a game!


And then it all gets better

When twenty-five pennies are out

For then you have a quarter’s worth

“A quarter!” you will shout!


So pennies equal so much more

Than just pennies, you see

And now you know that pennies

Aren’t simple change to me!


Day 11 – “Endless Cycles”


“Endless Cycles” by Jaymie Gerard


Springtime is a new day

That starts in early morn

Full of possibility

The time when life is born


Summer is the afternoon

Under the beaming sun

The time that we are working hard

When baby days are done


Autumn is the evening

Time to reap what has been sewn

Grateful for our harvest

Enjoying how we’ve grown


Winter is the darkness

Of night, it is the cold

A time for dreams and wisdom

For sleep and growing old


And from these endless cycles

The lessons that we find

Will shape us like the seasons

And change us like the time


Day 4 – “My Two Hands”


My Two Hands by Jaymie Gerard

Dedicated to the Children of Child Future Africa


My two hands can build

My two hands can hold

My two hands can lift up

My two hands can scold


My two hands can beg

My two hands can feed

My two hands can have

My two hands can need


My two hands can fix

My two hands can break

My two hands can give

My two hands can take


My two hands can touch

My two hands can feel

My two hands can hurt

My two hands can heal


My two hands can work

My two hands can play

My two hands can curse

My two hands can pray


My two hands can teach

My two hands can learn

My two hands can squander

My two hands can earn


My two hands can speak

My two hands can ignore

My two hands can make peace

My two hands can make war


My two hands have choices

And they understand:

The future of this world

Is here, in my two hands


Day 2 – “I Can Learn”


“I Can Learn” by Jaymie Gerard

Inspired by Frode’s comment


I can learn from teacher

I can learn from Mom

I can learn from Daddy

And from my brother Tom


I can learn from enemies

I can learn from pals

I can learn from boys

And I can also learn from gals


I can learn from stories

I can learn from songs

I can learn from rights

And I always learn from wrongs


I can learn in the city

I can learn in the park

And I can learn from nature

In the daytime and the dark


I can learn on the computer

I can learn when on the phone

I can learn inside my bedroom

Even when I’m all alone


I can learn from quiet

I can learn from sound

I can learn from sensing

All the feelings all around


I can learn by watching

I can learn from having fun

I can learn at the beginning

I can learn when I am done


I can learn from happiness

I can learn from sad

I can learn from lonely times

And I even learn from mad


I can learn from books

I can learn from magazines

I can learn from imagining

And from my night-time dreams


I learn from what surrounds me

Oh! The things I never knew!

But most of all, I want to learn

What I can learn from you!