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Day 16 – “It’s Morning! It’s Morning!”


“It’s Morning” by Jaymie Gerard


It’s morning!  It’s morning!

The sun has just come out

It’s morning!  It’s morning!

The birdies seem to shout

It’s morning!  It’s morning!

Time for a new day

It’s morning!  It’s morning!

Goodbye to yesterday

Day 12 – “Backyard Birds”


“Backyard Birds” by Jaymie Gerard


Robins land in my backyard

Chasing insects, standing guard

Sparrows spring and bounce along

And sing their happy sparrow song

Cardinals fly among trees

Red feathers shining through the leaves

Crows are hiding, but their call

Reveals them with a caw, caw, caw!


All the birds I’ve come to know –

I step outside…

And off they go!