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Poem 58 – “Popsicles


“Popsicles” by Jaymie Gerard



Ice popsicles

Are hanging from

My windowsill!

But it’s a trick!

For if I lick

I’m certain that

My tongue would stick!


See picture from photonatureblog that inspired this poem here:

Poem 51 – Something Happened to the Trees


“Something Happened to the Trees” by Jaymie Gerard


Something happened

To the trees

It started with

A chilly breeze

That blew in

Welcoming the fall

‘Til there were no leaves

Left at all

Day 35 – “Summer’s Coming to an End”


“Summer’s Coming to an End” by Jaymie Gerard


Summer’s coming to an end

September’s waiting ‘round the bend

Once warm weather turns to cool

Just in time for starting school

Putting on our longer sleeves

Jumping into piles of leaves

Colors turn from green to gold

As the new season unfolds

Day 19 – “Piddle-Paddle”


“Piddle-Paddle” by Jaymie Gerard


Piddle-paddle, piddle-paddle, splash, splash, splash

Into the pool with a great big dash!


Summer sun

Summer fun

I’ll swim until

The day is done


And when my suit

Is dry again

I’ll turn around

And jump back in


Piddle-paddle, piddle-paddle, splash, splash, splash

Into the pool with a great big dash!

Day 11 – “Endless Cycles”


“Endless Cycles” by Jaymie Gerard


Springtime is a new day

That starts in early morn

Full of possibility

The time when life is born


Summer is the afternoon

Under the beaming sun

The time that we are working hard

When baby days are done


Autumn is the evening

Time to reap what has been sewn

Grateful for our harvest

Enjoying how we’ve grown


Winter is the darkness

Of night, it is the cold

A time for dreams and wisdom

For sleep and growing old


And from these endless cycles

The lessons that we find

Will shape us like the seasons

And change us like the time


Day 8 – “Winter vs. Summer”


“Winter vs. Summer” by Jaymie Gerard


When the frigid winter

Makes me chilly, makes me shake

I try to picture for Summer

So the cold I can forsake


And when the boiling Summer

Makes me sticky, and so sweaty

I always wish for Winter

So the heat I can forgetty