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Poem 56 – “Dum-Diddy-Do”


“Dum-Diddy-Do” by Jaymie Gerard



Oh, dum-diddy-do

You love me

And I love you


Oh, dum-diddy-dee

I love you

And you love me


Poem 55 – Chickens and Cows


“Chickens and Cows” by Jaymie Gerard

Why’s a chicken called a chicken

And a cow known as a cow?

I think I’d like to switch the two

Oh yes, and this is how –


From this day forth it’s going to be a chicken’s job to moo

Chewing on her cud will be her favorite thing to do

She’ll mosey to the parlor and give us chicken milk each morn’

And she’ll be grazing on the pasture from the day that chick is born


Now cows, of course, will be busy laying eggs for us to eat

They’ll cluck their days away and scratch the ground with their cow feet

They will live out in the cow coop, safe from foxes through the night

And the strongest males will say bull-a-doodle-doo before they fight


So what’s the difference, you may ask,

If the names are switched or not?

I guess there really isn’t one

But it was worth the thought!

Poem 50 – “My Daddy Mows”


“My Daddy Mows” by Jaymie Gerard


When the grass grows

My daddy mows

He mows and mows

In perfect rows

He mows as summer

Comes and goes

And through the autumn

Highs and lows

My daddy mows

And mows and mows

And only stops

Because it snows

Poem 49 – “Why Does Everybody Gotta Be So Cruel?”


“Why Does Everybody Gotta Be So Cruel?” by Jaymie Gerard


Peter called Petunia a pickled poopy pie

So Petunia stuck her tongue at him until it made him cry

Sandra told Steven he smelled like rotten cheese

So Steven sprinkled pepper next to Sarah ‘til she sneezed

Markus called Maria a mangy monster mutt

So Maria put a “kick me” sign on Markus’s butt

Devon told me that I look like drool –

Why does everybody gotta be so cruel?


Poem 48 – “Bellybutton” by Jaymie Gerard


“Bellybutton” by Jaymie Gerard


I looked down at my belly

And much to my surprise

I found a little button

Before my very eyes

I’m not sure how it got there

I don’t know what it’s for

But I think I’ll check the rest of me

To see if there are more