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Day 28 – “Run, Run, Run”


“Run, Run, Run” by Jaymie Gerard


Run through the mountains

Run through the hills

Run through the forests

Run through the fields

Run through the deserts

Run through the sands

Run through the bayous

Run through the dams

Run through the rivers

Run through the streams

Run through the landscapes

Run through the scenes

Run through the places

Touched by the sun

Run with your whole heart

Run, run, run

Day 18 – “Don’t Wake the Baby”


“Don’t Wake the Baby” by Jaymie Gerard


I banged the drums, a-rat-tat-tat

But Mommy said, “Don’t wake the baby”

I clinked and clanked and clunked and clapped

And Mommy said, “Don’t wake the baby”


I ran and skipped, I sang and danced

But Mommy said, “Don’t wake the baby”

I flew, I flipped, I galloped, I pranced

And Mommy said, “Don’t wake the baby”


I soared through space with beeping toys

But Mommy said, “Don’t wake the baby”

I made an elephant-ish noise

And Mommy said, “Don’t wake the baby”


“Don’t wake the baby,” she says day and night,

At least until nap time’s done!”

But it’s not easy keeping quiet,

When making noise is fun!

Day 17 – “Wiggle Waggles”


“Wiggle-Waggles” by Jaymie Gerard

Inspired by Dr. Seuss


When wiggles seem to waggle

And waggles seem to wone

Then wimples start to whisper

In a wiggle-waggle tone

When wimples whisper woning-waggles

Hand them each a phone

Oh, but when they waggle wiggle-whispers

You best leave them alone

Day 15 – “Ice Cream”


“Ice Cream” by Jaymie Gerard


Last Tuesday something happened that had not happened before

My mother gave me ice cream, then my father gave me more

They kept on filling up my bowl – Why? I’m not quite sure

I ate and ate and ate until I fell down to the floor


A feeling awfully strange came on so sudden and so quick

My stomach did some somersaults, a mean and nasty trick

My favorite food in the whole world was making me quite sick

I just couldn’t believe it as I took a final lick


And now I can’t stand ice cream, I can’t stand to see its sight

I don’t ask for it for breakfast, don’t want it late at night

In fact, the thought of ice cream now really gives me a fright

“Hey kiddo, you want some ice cream?”

Well… maybe just one bite!


Day 14 – “Just Applesauce”


“Just Applesauce” By Jaymie Gerard

Why is there just applesauce?

There should be grape sauce too

And peach sauce, and pear sauce

And sauce of honeydew

Banana sauce, blueberry sauce

And plum sauce would be yummy

Pineapple sauce and cherry sauce

Would do well in my tummy

Sauce of kiwi and papaya –

A delicious tropic treat

And thick and fresh strawberry sauce

Would make my night complete

What fun to eat these things mashed up

I’m just a fruity fan

But since these sauces don’t exist

I’ll have to stick with jam

Day 13 – “Bedtime Begging”


“Bedtime Begging” by Jaymie Gerard

Dad, why must I go to sleep?

It simply isn’t fair

When you all get to stay down here

I have to be up there

I know the laughing going on

I hear it loud and clear

How could a kid get any sleep

When fun is oh, so near?

You say that it’s for my own good

That children need their rest

I’ll tell you Dad, I think you’re wrong

I’ll tell you, Dad, what’s best –

Dad, I think that, just this time,

Let me stay up ‘til dawn

I swear I’m fine, not even tired

I swear it Dad, I…*yawn*

Now, don’t let that yawn fool you

Oh come on Daddy, pleeeeease?

I *yawn*…promise I’ll be good

Just let me *yawn*… ZZZZZZ

Day 12 – “Backyard Birds”


“Backyard Birds” by Jaymie Gerard


Robins land in my backyard

Chasing insects, standing guard

Sparrows spring and bounce along

And sing their happy sparrow song

Cardinals fly among trees

Red feathers shining through the leaves

Crows are hiding, but their call

Reveals them with a caw, caw, caw!


All the birds I’ve come to know –

I step outside…

And off they go!

Day 11 – “Endless Cycles”


“Endless Cycles” by Jaymie Gerard


Springtime is a new day

That starts in early morn

Full of possibility

The time when life is born


Summer is the afternoon

Under the beaming sun

The time that we are working hard

When baby days are done


Autumn is the evening

Time to reap what has been sewn

Grateful for our harvest

Enjoying how we’ve grown


Winter is the darkness

Of night, it is the cold

A time for dreams and wisdom

For sleep and growing old


And from these endless cycles

The lessons that we find

Will shape us like the seasons

And change us like the time


Day 9 – “If We All Were Robots”


“If We All Were Robots” by Jaymie Gerard


If we all were robots

Instead of girls and boys

Maybe we’d have humans

To play with as our toys


We’d keep them in our closets

And take them out for games

We’d dress them up in little clothes

And give them funny names


We’d take them to the marketplace

We’d take them to the pool

We’d listen to them singing songs

And send them off to school


We’d see them getting taller

We’d help them as they grow

We’d wish that they’d get smaller

But they don’t do that, you know


They’d grow up to be astronauts

And presidents and kings

We’d pretend that we were humans

So we could do human-like things


So we might as well be humans

If we ever get the choice

‘Cause who’d want to be robots

When we could be girls or boys?