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Day 21 – “My Pet Monkey”


“My Pet Monkey” by Jaymie Gerard

I have a little monkey

My monkey’s name is Sam

He’s braver than a billy goat

He’s softer than a lamb

He’s stronger than a rhino

He’s wilder than a goose

He’s bigger than a rabbit

And cooler than a moose

He’s cuter than kitten

He’s slyer than a fox

He’s just the best pet ever and –

Oh yeah, he’s made of socks

Day 20 – “Eeeeyup!”


“Eeeeyup!” by Jaymie Gerard

Eeeeyup! I have the hiccups!

And I can’t stop this bout

Every time I try to

Another Eeeeyup! comes out


I had a little water

I tried hard not to breathe

I counted backwards from 100

But Eeeeyup!s won’t seem to leave


These Eeeeyup!s are so annoying

They are truly are a pain

If I can’t stop this Eeee-yup!ing soon

I think I’ll go insane

Day 17 – “Tell Me Who”


“Tell Me Who” By Jaymie Gerard


Who put the holes in my Swiss cheese?

Who put the hair on Daddy’s knees?

Who put the “thank you” after “please”?

Someone, tell me who!

Who put the button in my belly?

Who took fruit and made it jelly?

Who made feet so awfully smelly?

Tell me, was it you?

Day 16 – “It’s Morning! It’s Morning!”


“It’s Morning” by Jaymie Gerard


It’s morning!  It’s morning!

The sun has just come out

It’s morning!  It’s morning!

The birdies seem to shout

It’s morning!  It’s morning!

Time for a new day

It’s morning!  It’s morning!

Goodbye to yesterday

Day 15 – “Ice Cream”


“Ice Cream” by Jaymie Gerard


Last Tuesday something happened that had not happened before

My mother gave me ice cream, then my father gave me more

They kept on filling up my bowl – Why? I’m not quite sure

I ate and ate and ate until I fell down to the floor


A feeling awfully strange came on so sudden and so quick

My stomach did some somersaults, a mean and nasty trick

My favorite food in the whole world was making me quite sick

I just couldn’t believe it as I took a final lick


And now I can’t stand ice cream, I can’t stand to see its sight

I don’t ask for it for breakfast, don’t want it late at night

In fact, the thought of ice cream now really gives me a fright

“Hey kiddo, you want some ice cream?”

Well… maybe just one bite!


Day 14 – “Just Applesauce”


“Just Applesauce” By Jaymie Gerard

Why is there just applesauce?

There should be grape sauce too

And peach sauce, and pear sauce

And sauce of honeydew

Banana sauce, blueberry sauce

And plum sauce would be yummy

Pineapple sauce and cherry sauce

Would do well in my tummy

Sauce of kiwi and papaya –

A delicious tropic treat

And thick and fresh strawberry sauce

Would make my night complete

What fun to eat these things mashed up

I’m just a fruity fan

But since these sauces don’t exist

I’ll have to stick with jam

Day 13 – “Bedtime Begging”


“Bedtime Begging” by Jaymie Gerard

Dad, why must I go to sleep?

It simply isn’t fair

When you all get to stay down here

I have to be up there

I know the laughing going on

I hear it loud and clear

How could a kid get any sleep

When fun is oh, so near?

You say that it’s for my own good

That children need their rest

I’ll tell you Dad, I think you’re wrong

I’ll tell you, Dad, what’s best –

Dad, I think that, just this time,

Let me stay up ‘til dawn

I swear I’m fine, not even tired

I swear it Dad, I…*yawn*

Now, don’t let that yawn fool you

Oh come on Daddy, pleeeeease?

I *yawn*…promise I’ll be good

Just let me *yawn*… ZZZZZZ

Finding Inspiration – What I Did When it Just Wasn’t There


So the first few days of this challenge were easy.  Everything around me was inspiring poems – a mouthful of peanut butter, a lonely willow tree on the block around the corner, an orphanage full of incredible kids in Zimbabwe.  Children’s poems seemed to be pouring out of me, and it felt wonderful.

Until Day 7 arrived.

I sat down at my computer and opened a blank document in Word.  I typed a title and wrote a line or two.  No, no, no, I thought, this isn’t it.  I erased everything and looked around the room.  Nothing seemed interesting enough to write about.  I looked out my window.  I started another poem, jotting down a few lines, but it too was falling short.  I was starting to worry that I wouldn’t be able to write a poem in time, that inspiration simply would not come to me that day, that I would fail my challenge not even one-fifth of the way through.  I knew I had to do something, but I wasn’t quite sure what.

So I got up and closed my laptop.  I walked away.  The stress was sucking out all of my creativity.  I figured there was no point in forcing it.  Not with something like this.  I told myself, Jaymie, it will come to you.  Give yourself some space and your brain will think of something.  And eventually (luckily, before midnight) it did.

What was the lesson in this for me?  Trust and commitment.

If you want to write, if you have it in you, you’ll write.  You have to trust that… and at the same time,  you have to be committed enough to come back, even when you’re afraid of the outcome.

Today when I started and erased several drafts, I was a lot easier with myself.  I just finished my ninth children’s poem.  I may not produce my best work on days like these, but I’m still producing something.  And that’s what this challenge is really about.

Day 6 – When Rain Comes Down


“When Rain Comes Down” by Jaymie Gerard


When rain comes down

It makes the sound

Of tons of little drums







Woosh, whish

The wind comes in

Swoosh, swish-

It blows again







Ka-boom, smash-

What’s that I hear?

Crish, crash-

A storm is near!


When rain comes down

It makes the sound