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Poem 65 – My Invisible Sister


My Invisible Sister

by Jaymie Gerard


Mom and daddy said today,

“Your sister’s coming soon!”

They bought a bunch of pink things

And stuck them in a room

They point to mommy’s belly

They say the baby’s there

I looked and looked my hardest

But I can’t find her anywhere!

Day 20 – “Eeeeyup!”


“Eeeeyup!” by Jaymie Gerard

Eeeeyup! I have the hiccups!

And I can’t stop this bout

Every time I try to

Another Eeeeyup! comes out


I had a little water

I tried hard not to breathe

I counted backwards from 100

But Eeeeyup!s won’t seem to leave


These Eeeeyup!s are so annoying

They are truly are a pain

If I can’t stop this Eeee-yup!ing soon

I think I’ll go insane

Day 16 – “It’s Morning! It’s Morning!”


“It’s Morning” by Jaymie Gerard


It’s morning!  It’s morning!

The sun has just come out

It’s morning!  It’s morning!

The birdies seem to shout

It’s morning!  It’s morning!

Time for a new day

It’s morning!  It’s morning!

Goodbye to yesterday

Day 14 – “Just Applesauce”


“Just Applesauce” By Jaymie Gerard

Why is there just applesauce?

There should be grape sauce too

And peach sauce, and pear sauce

And sauce of honeydew

Banana sauce, blueberry sauce

And plum sauce would be yummy

Pineapple sauce and cherry sauce

Would do well in my tummy

Sauce of kiwi and papaya –

A delicious tropic treat

And thick and fresh strawberry sauce

Would make my night complete

What fun to eat these things mashed up

I’m just a fruity fan

But since these sauces don’t exist

I’ll have to stick with jam

Day 2 – “I Can Learn”


“I Can Learn” by Jaymie Gerard

Inspired by Frode’s comment


I can learn from teacher

I can learn from Mom

I can learn from Daddy

And from my brother Tom


I can learn from enemies

I can learn from pals

I can learn from boys

And I can also learn from gals


I can learn from stories

I can learn from songs

I can learn from rights

And I always learn from wrongs


I can learn in the city

I can learn in the park

And I can learn from nature

In the daytime and the dark


I can learn on the computer

I can learn when on the phone

I can learn inside my bedroom

Even when I’m all alone


I can learn from quiet

I can learn from sound

I can learn from sensing

All the feelings all around


I can learn by watching

I can learn from having fun

I can learn at the beginning

I can learn when I am done


I can learn from happiness

I can learn from sad

I can learn from lonely times

And I even learn from mad


I can learn from books

I can learn from magazines

I can learn from imagining

And from my night-time dreams


I learn from what surrounds me

Oh! The things I never knew!

But most of all, I want to learn

What I can learn from you!

Day 1 – “Peanut Butter”


Peanut Butter by Jaymie Gerard


Just the other morning,

My mother asked me, “Dear,

What would you like to eat for lunch?”

And I smiled ear to ear.

For when she asks me what I want

To eat, I always say

The same delicious, nutty thing,

The same delicious way –


“Mother, I’d like peanut butter

With a drop of jam.

Or maybe on an apple, sliced,

Or diced up with some ham.

I’ll take it smeared on crackers

Or mixed in with some cheese,

Or baked warm in the oven

Or frozen in the freeze’

On sandwiches, in root beer floats,

On pizza! On the floor!

Or smooshed between my fingers!

Or painted on the door!

Please, put some in the blender

And make it smooth as silk.


I don’t care how you serve it, Mom –

Just don’t forget the milk!”