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Day 22 – “Here or There”


“Here or There” by Jaymie Gerard


Driving in the car

We’re driving in the car

Don’t care where

Here or there

Or whether near or far

We’re driving in the car


Riding on a boat

We’re riding on a boat

Don’t care where

Here or there

On a lake or round a moat

We’re riding on a boat


Flying on a plane

We’re flying on a plane

Don’t care where

Here or there

To Timbuktu or Maine

We’re flying on a plane


Walking on our feet

We’re walking on our feet

Don’t care where

Here or there

In the house or down the street

We’re walking on our feet

Day 21 – “My Pet Monkey”


“My Pet Monkey” by Jaymie Gerard

I have a little monkey

My monkey’s name is Sam

He’s braver than a billy goat

He’s softer than a lamb

He’s stronger than a rhino

He’s wilder than a goose

He’s bigger than a rabbit

And cooler than a moose

He’s cuter than kitten

He’s slyer than a fox

He’s just the best pet ever and –

Oh yeah, he’s made of socks

Day 15 – “Ice Cream”


“Ice Cream” by Jaymie Gerard


Last Tuesday something happened that had not happened before

My mother gave me ice cream, then my father gave me more

They kept on filling up my bowl – Why? I’m not quite sure

I ate and ate and ate until I fell down to the floor


A feeling awfully strange came on so sudden and so quick

My stomach did some somersaults, a mean and nasty trick

My favorite food in the whole world was making me quite sick

I just couldn’t believe it as I took a final lick


And now I can’t stand ice cream, I can’t stand to see its sight

I don’t ask for it for breakfast, don’t want it late at night

In fact, the thought of ice cream now really gives me a fright

“Hey kiddo, you want some ice cream?”

Well… maybe just one bite!


Day 5 – “Grapefruit”


Grapefruit by Jaymie Gerard

There’s one fruit I can say I hate

(Though others seem to think it’s great)

It looks kind of like an orange but

You’ll smell the difference when it’s cut

It’s usually a softball’s size

And yellowish or pink inside

It’s bitter, even with some sugar

The pulp, to me, feels like a booger

It’s just the worst, you can’t debate –


Day 4 – “My Two Hands”


My Two Hands by Jaymie Gerard

Dedicated to the Children of Child Future Africa


My two hands can build

My two hands can hold

My two hands can lift up

My two hands can scold


My two hands can beg

My two hands can feed

My two hands can have

My two hands can need


My two hands can fix

My two hands can break

My two hands can give

My two hands can take


My two hands can touch

My two hands can feel

My two hands can hurt

My two hands can heal


My two hands can work

My two hands can play

My two hands can curse

My two hands can pray


My two hands can teach

My two hands can learn

My two hands can squander

My two hands can earn


My two hands can speak

My two hands can ignore

My two hands can make peace

My two hands can make war


My two hands have choices

And they understand:

The future of this world

Is here, in my two hands