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Day 32 – “New Brother”


“New Brother” by Jaymie Gerard


Last week I got a new brother

I would have preferred a new toy

I wish someone would have asked me

Before bringing home baby boy


He screams when he wakes in the morning

He cries when he gets put to bed

So far, all my brother has given me

Is a horrible pain in my head


He’s no fun when he’s on the sofa

He’s no fun when he’s in the crib

He’s no fun just after each meal time

When he throws up on his bib


His diapers are truly disgusting

Believe me, I watched him get changed

All that he does is just lie there

And look at us funny and strange


But Mom gives him hundreds of kisses

And Dad is as proud as can be

I wonder when I was a baby

Did they act this foolish with me?