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Day 39 – “The Pee Pee Show”


“The Pee Pee Show” by Jaymie Gerard


The other day in math class

I really had to “go”

I raised my hand up, way up high

To let the teacher know

When he finally called on me

He answered oh, so slow

And that’s when I had my accident

I call “The Pee-Pee Show”

Day 20 – “Eeeeyup!”


“Eeeeyup!” by Jaymie Gerard

Eeeeyup! I have the hiccups!

And I can’t stop this bout

Every time I try to

Another Eeeeyup! comes out


I had a little water

I tried hard not to breathe

I counted backwards from 100

But Eeeeyup!s won’t seem to leave


These Eeeeyup!s are so annoying

They are truly are a pain

If I can’t stop this Eeee-yup!ing soon

I think I’ll go insane

Day 15 – “Ice Cream”


“Ice Cream” by Jaymie Gerard


Last Tuesday something happened that had not happened before

My mother gave me ice cream, then my father gave me more

They kept on filling up my bowl – Why? I’m not quite sure

I ate and ate and ate until I fell down to the floor


A feeling awfully strange came on so sudden and so quick

My stomach did some somersaults, a mean and nasty trick

My favorite food in the whole world was making me quite sick

I just couldn’t believe it as I took a final lick


And now I can’t stand ice cream, I can’t stand to see its sight

I don’t ask for it for breakfast, don’t want it late at night

In fact, the thought of ice cream now really gives me a fright

“Hey kiddo, you want some ice cream?”

Well… maybe just one bite!