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Poem 48 – “Bellybutton” by Jaymie Gerard


“Bellybutton” by Jaymie Gerard


I looked down at my belly

And much to my surprise

I found a little button

Before my very eyes

I’m not sure how it got there

I don’t know what it’s for

But I think I’ll check the rest of me

To see if there are more

Day 1 – “Peanut Butter”


Peanut Butter by Jaymie Gerard


Just the other morning,

My mother asked me, “Dear,

What would you like to eat for lunch?”

And I smiled ear to ear.

For when she asks me what I want

To eat, I always say

The same delicious, nutty thing,

The same delicious way –


“Mother, I’d like peanut butter

With a drop of jam.

Or maybe on an apple, sliced,

Or diced up with some ham.

I’ll take it smeared on crackers

Or mixed in with some cheese,

Or baked warm in the oven

Or frozen in the freeze’

On sandwiches, in root beer floats,

On pizza! On the floor!

Or smooshed between my fingers!

Or painted on the door!

Please, put some in the blender

And make it smooth as silk.


I don’t care how you serve it, Mom –

Just don’t forget the milk!”