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Day 23 – “Simple Change”


“Simple Change” by Jaymie Gerard


One penny equals one cent

Two pennies equals two

Three pennies equal three cents

‘Cause that’s what pennies do


Pennies also equal other things

Like the simple coins you’ve seen

And once you learn their values

You’ll know just what they mean


Five pennies equals five cents

And five cents is one nickel

So one nickel equals five pennies

Which gives your brain a tickle


Ten pennies equals ten cents,

Or a dime – they mean the same

And two nickels, which is five plus five,

Is ten cents – What a game!


And then it all gets better

When twenty-five pennies are out

For then you have a quarter’s worth

“A quarter!” you will shout!


So pennies equal so much more

Than just pennies, you see

And now you know that pennies

Aren’t simple change to me!


Day 21 – “My Pet Monkey”


“My Pet Monkey” by Jaymie Gerard

I have a little monkey

My monkey’s name is Sam

He’s braver than a billy goat

He’s softer than a lamb

He’s stronger than a rhino

He’s wilder than a goose

He’s bigger than a rabbit

And cooler than a moose

He’s cuter than kitten

He’s slyer than a fox

He’s just the best pet ever and –

Oh yeah, he’s made of socks

Day 20 – “Eeeeyup!”


“Eeeeyup!” by Jaymie Gerard

Eeeeyup! I have the hiccups!

And I can’t stop this bout

Every time I try to

Another Eeeeyup! comes out


I had a little water

I tried hard not to breathe

I counted backwards from 100

But Eeeeyup!s won’t seem to leave


These Eeeeyup!s are so annoying

They are truly are a pain

If I can’t stop this Eeee-yup!ing soon

I think I’ll go insane

Day 18 – “Don’t Wake the Baby”


“Don’t Wake the Baby” by Jaymie Gerard


I banged the drums, a-rat-tat-tat

But Mommy said, “Don’t wake the baby”

I clinked and clanked and clunked and clapped

And Mommy said, “Don’t wake the baby”


I ran and skipped, I sang and danced

But Mommy said, “Don’t wake the baby”

I flew, I flipped, I galloped, I pranced

And Mommy said, “Don’t wake the baby”


I soared through space with beeping toys

But Mommy said, “Don’t wake the baby”

I made an elephant-ish noise

And Mommy said, “Don’t wake the baby”


“Don’t wake the baby,” she says day and night,

At least until nap time’s done!”

But it’s not easy keeping quiet,

When making noise is fun!

Day 16 – “It’s Morning! It’s Morning!”


“It’s Morning” by Jaymie Gerard


It’s morning!  It’s morning!

The sun has just come out

It’s morning!  It’s morning!

The birdies seem to shout

It’s morning!  It’s morning!

Time for a new day

It’s morning!  It’s morning!

Goodbye to yesterday

Day 8 – “Winter vs. Summer”


“Winter vs. Summer” by Jaymie Gerard


When the frigid winter

Makes me chilly, makes me shake

I try to picture for Summer

So the cold I can forsake


And when the boiling Summer

Makes me sticky, and so sweaty

I always wish for Winter

So the heat I can forgetty

Day 7 – “What About Me?”


What About Me? By Jaymie Gerard


Mommy cares about the baby but

What about me?

Will she care if I climb up the

Old oak tree?

Will she care if I’m stung by a

Bumble bee?

Mommy cares about the baby but

What about me?


Mommy cares about the baby but

What about me?

Will she care if I fall down and

Scrape my knee?

Will she care if I cry ‘til I

Cannot see?

Mommy cares about the baby but

What about me?

What about me?

What about me?