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Poem 51 – Something Happened to the Trees


“Something Happened to the Trees” by Jaymie Gerard


Something happened

To the trees

It started with

A chilly breeze

That blew in

Welcoming the fall

‘Til there were no leaves

Left at all

Poem 50 – “My Daddy Mows”


“My Daddy Mows” by Jaymie Gerard


When the grass grows

My daddy mows

He mows and mows

In perfect rows

He mows as summer

Comes and goes

And through the autumn

Highs and lows

My daddy mows

And mows and mows

And only stops

Because it snows

Day 34 – “The Storm”


“The Storm” by Jaymie Gerard


Before the storm

The sky turns gray

The clouds roll in

The sun tucks away


During the storm

The strong wind blows

The sky is wild

The rainwater flows


After the storm

The clouds say “adieu”

The sun peeks back out

The sky turns to blue

Day 31 – “Under My Umbrella”


“Under My Umbrella” by Jaymie Gerard


Under my umbrella

I like to feel the drops

Of rain – its happy tapping

Of pitter-patter plops


Under my umbrella

I like to feel a dash

Of water as it hits the ground

And rises with a splash


Under my umbrella

I like to stay all dry

And enjoy the rainy weather

As it falls down from the sky

Day 8 – “Winter vs. Summer”


“Winter vs. Summer” by Jaymie Gerard


When the frigid winter

Makes me chilly, makes me shake

I try to picture for Summer

So the cold I can forsake


And when the boiling Summer

Makes me sticky, and so sweaty

I always wish for Winter

So the heat I can forgetty

Day 6 – When Rain Comes Down


“When Rain Comes Down” by Jaymie Gerard


When rain comes down

It makes the sound

Of tons of little drums







Woosh, whish

The wind comes in

Swoosh, swish-

It blows again







Ka-boom, smash-

What’s that I hear?

Crish, crash-

A storm is near!


When rain comes down

It makes the sound